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Retentacle is a receipt retention solution that electronically stores consumer receipts to enable easy, secure access.

Sure, technology solutions exist that enable consumers to scan or take a picture of a receipt and upload it for later access.  But we’re providing something way better than that!  We’re making the entire process automatic at the point of sale, the way it should be.

People want and need access to purchase receipts, whether it’s for product returns, tax purposes, expense reporting, proof-of-purchase or better understanding where their money goes every month.  But no one wants to spend their time scanning, sorting or organizing receipts.  Any effort that is more complex than storing receipts in a shoe box simply won’t be attractive.   It needs to be seamless and, most importantly, user friendly!

So, what is Retentacle?  We are a company led by people who realized it was time for electronic receipts to become mainstream.  You can pay for things without money or even cards for that matter.  So why can’t receipts be paperless?  We are here to change that!

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