The Future of Retentacle

We have plans for bigger and better things. As the receipt revolution grows so too will our ambitious plans for the future!

Our first goal is to encourage as many retailers as possible to offer the Retentacle solution.

How will it work? When you shop at a participating retailer, you will scan your account number through your phone app or even the loyalty card you are already pulling out of your wallet. This will allow the retailer to send your purchase receipt directly to Retentacle and a paper receipt will not be generated. You will then receive an immediate notification that Retentacle has received a receipt from the retailer detailing the dollar amount you spent and how many items you are buying. This provides you with your proof-of-purchase and peace of mind.

We also plan to provide you with manufacturer coupons through Retentacle, where they will be applied automatically as you accept them.

Then there are product recalls. Now you will be notified directly that something you bought has been recalled and you will be provided with instructions about how to handle it.

Product Warranties? We plan to make the registration process so much easier.

But right now our focus is on getting retailers on board! Contact us here, on Facebook or on Twitter to tell us which retailers you would like to see offer Retentacle as your receipt option!