Frequently Asked Questions

What about retailers that will email me my receipts?

Research by CNBC found that 83% of those retailers offering email receipt solutions do it solely for obtaining consumers’ email addresses. Our inboxes are becoming too full. Retentacle will feature a dedicated inbox to handle all of your retail-related correspondence. On top of all of the emails that follow your receipt, it’s up to you to come up with a filing solution and a back-up solution to make sure nothing is lost. Leave the organization to Retentacle, we’ll store your receipts for you securely in the cloud.

What does it matter using paper receipts?

It takes 15 trees to create one ton of paper. There are billions of receipts generated in Canada per year. That means over 9.6 million trees are destroyed to create these receipts that mostly end in landfills. This is also creating tons of landfill trash year after year. Not to mention the impact on the environment and health the Bisphenol-A on receipts is causing. By supporting Retentacle we can work together to save our countries resources.

What if I need a receipt?

You need a receipt to return a product or you need to use a receipt for your taxes. First, can you find the receipt you need in that shoe box filled with hundreds of receipts ? Did that receipt fade, is it legible? They don’t last long anymore with the new thermal paper. Receipts stored on Retentacle will always be accessible and legible.

Why Choose Retentacle as Your Receipt Solution?

Retentacle is your best receipt retention solution. Retentacle will organize your receipts by retailer or by date! It’s your choice to have all your receipts in one convenient place.

What happens to the marketing emails I get from retailers?

Through our solution, in the future, those emails will go to your Retentacle inbox where you can do what you want with them, or ignore them completely.

What do I do if a retailer will email me my receipt?

For retailers that currently offer email receipts by using Retentacle, we will provide you with a dedicated Retentacle email address that you can use to have your receipts sent automatically to your account.

Can I get coupons through Retentacle?

Yes, in the future, we plan to offer product manufacturers and retailers the ability to send you coupons through your Retentacle account, where you can automatically take advantage of them.

Why does Retentacle need to know about the products I purchased?

Although not something we offer right now, downstream we want to offer Retentacle users with the ability to be notified about product recalls.
By keeping track of what Retentacle users have purchased, we can process this information quickly and contact the appropriate Retentacle users very quickly.
We feel that’s way better than hearing about it in the news after the fact.

What retailers offer Retentacle now?

We’re just getting started so we do not have any retailers signed up yet to send your receipt directly to us. But we are working on it! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll be sure to tell you about the participating retailers that sign up as soon as possible.

What will Retentacle do with the data it collects?

Data about your purchases will be made anonymous, meaning your name and street address will never be shared. Product purchase data will be blended with other Retentacle users and shared with retailers and product manufacturers to help them make marketing and product development decisions.

Contact us with any questions you might have. We will respond directly to your question and update our FAQ section as new questions arise. Use our Contact Us page, email us at or submit your question via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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