Retentacle is leading the electronic receipt revolution. We want to help consumers move away from paper receipts that are difficult to retain and manage and, more often than not, are simply filling up our landfills for no reason.

Have you ever needed a receipt for a return, exchange or warranty claim but can’t find it? Or you find the receipt only to realize it’s completely faded and illegible? Storing your receipts with Retentacle will give you easy access to them anytime you want. Imagine the time you will save by not having to dig through that shoe box!

On top of receipts being required for expense reports, filing your taxes or simply staying on top of your budget, there is the environmental impact of all those pieces of paper to consider.

Billions of receipts are generated annually in Canada. While the paper used in each individual receipt may not seem like much, considering the average receipt these days is about 30 cms long, our receipt output represents over 3.6 million kilometres of paper strips that consumers could be depositing into Canadian landfills every year. That adds up!!

It takes 15 trees to make one ton of paper. On average 640,000 tons of paper is used for receipts per year. That equals 9,600,000 trees cut down per year to create paper receipts!
Retentacle wants to save these trees!

It takes 390 gallons of oil to produce one ton of paper which means 249.6 million gallons of oil per year is used to make paper receipts!
Retentacle wants to reduce that oil from being consumed!

It takes 1,906 gallons of water to produce one ton of paper. That works out to 1.22 billion gallons of water being used per year to make paper receipts!
Retentacle wants to save all of that water from being used!

Why Choose Retentacle as Your Receipt Solution

Retentacle is your best receipt retention solution. Retentacle will organize your receipts and you can look at them by retailer or by date! It’s your choice!

From the onset, you can upload scanned receipts or receipts you have already received by email. You can also take a picture of your receipts with your phone or tablet and these will become part of your online receipt collection.

To us, it is of the upmost importance that the user experience be incredibly easy. But we are not finished yet! We have plans to make electronic receipts even easier for you. Take a look at our “What’s Planned for the Future” section to see how our solution will develop over time.

Until we can get retailers on board with Retentacle, we will provide you with a special email address that you can use to have receipts sent automatically to your account. Or you can just upload them yourself.

What will Retentacle do with the data that is collected?

Data that businesses have about you and your purchases is always a concern and we take that seriously. But your data is important to our business. The data we collect will be made anonymous, meaning your name and street address will not be shared.

This data may be shared with retailers and product manufacturers on the basis of “your product is sold most in this province, by this retailer, to men or women between this age range”. By aggregating your data with that of other consumers, we can provide product manufacturers with accurate consumer trend information that helps them make product decisions in the future. Contact us if you want to know more or have concerns that we can help alleviate.