Retentacle is Live!


Retentacle has been years in the making. Other electronic receipt solutions have come out, but never what we envisioned.  Our hope has always been to make it effortless on the consumer’s part.  We assume everyone is like us; inherently lazy.  We are not saying that as a bad thing; but with everyday life being so busy, when you have down time; you want it to be down time!  Who wants to organize paper and sort through receipts?

Imagine the freedom of keeping your wallets, purses and shoeboxes free of all those receipts.

Right now, we offer what those other electronic receipt solutions offer.  A place to upload or take pictures and store the paper receipts you already receive.  We do offer one different feature.  For those retailers that email your receipts to you, we provide you with a Retentacle email address.  Send those receipts directly to your account and keep your personal inbox clean and free of marketing emails.

We are not stopping there.  We are working to get retailers to send your receipts directly to us!  We know, we know…. what about a proof of purchase before you leave the store?  We have you covered there too.  You will get a notification through the Retentacle App that tells you we received your receipt, which you can view right away.

Retentacle is creating a Receipt Revolution!  We are changing the way you get, store and view your receipts!  Join Us and Sign Up today and ask your favourite retailers when they are going to start offering Retentacle!

Retentacle Out!

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